So I started getting really high readings on my blood sugar a couple of nights ago, and it completely baffled my wife and I. It’s supposed to be below 170 a couple of hours after a meal, and it came up almost 300 — and no cake this time! Then, the next night, it came up over 200. And today, I was extra-super careful to low-carb it almost all day (we did have some samples at Costco, but nothing significant.)

It came up tonight at almost 200. Then, I took it a few minutes later, and it was 205. A few minutes after that, it was 170. Then, a few minutes later, it was over 200 again. I took it using a different test device, still over 200. Then, my wife suggested that I wash my hands.

As I was washing my hands, I realized that the 170 blood sugar came from my right hand, and all of the other readings came from my left hand. When I came back out, it was 170 on my left hand. Why?

Because I put honey in my wife’s evening glass of kefir, and I’m not terribly good about washing off the honey jar, which I always hold (you can see this coming) in my left hand. So for a few days now, I’ve been panicking about high blood sugar when what I really had was high skin sugar.

The technical term for this is ‘herping a flerp of derp.’